Wednesday, July 27, 2011

blanket blog

My MIL has one.
My own mom has two.
And I couldn’t find one anywhere.

We have these two rocking chairs on our back porch. My husband and I love to sit out in the morning and read the Word, or in the evening with a cocktail most likely discussing the kids. The problem is: I’m a wuss. I can hang for a few minutes, but then I get cold. I must go
inside and conversation is all done. So I have been wanting a blanket to keep me warm.

As earlier mentioned, my MIL has this yummy down blanket, and my
mom has the softest blankies ever made. EVER.

So June rolls around and I start shopping... not the best time to shop for a blanket. Went to the exact stores they bought theirs at… plus 658 more. And nothing. Sure, itchy,
static-producing ones. But nothing that will want to make me stay outside longer.

That is until I went online. Why must everything be for sale online?
Anytime of the year, you can buy a lovely down blanket.  You can even get one in a lap size so it doesn't drag in the chicken poop left on the porch.  In fact, you can buy two if you’re me. You’ll get no lecture from me about how in the good ole’ days you had to walk to a store and
actually talk to someone… nope, get me the burrowing bounty of bliss… in the middle of summer please.

So we are out there every morning and a number of evenings enjoying the land God gave us. Me snuggley, Hubby just as content.

Enjoy your porch snuggley wherever you are.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

park progress

When the kids were babies, we lived around the corner from a park.  Being a stay at home mom with 2 littles, we went for daily walks and always ended up at the park. 

Today we revisited that park.  Same old slides, same swings, same bark chips. 

Except not. 

Today the girls didn't need to me to push them on the baby swings for 20 minutes.  They can pump!  No one needed me to catch them coming down the slide.  I didn't even hear a, "Mommy, watch this." 

Whoa, this is happening fast.  Funny how when you are in it, you forget to be "in it." 

I loved the hours spent with my girls at the park.  I am loving the hours spent doing new adventures with my girls.  It seems we are on this road to independence and I just want to gobble them up. 


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Around these parts, we have a saying: June Gloom.  Which is typically followed by heads nodding, eyes to the floor, maybe even a pouty lip.  School's out, summer clothes are on sale.  Sure, we buy them, but we cover them up with a sweatshirt.  It's foggy chilly here. 

So I have decided that this post will help me focus on the sunny things, the great things about summer!

*  I have no school lunches to pack
*  I still buy watermelon, but it doesn't stain my cute white pants because they are covered up by a blanket
*  Our boat gets to leave the driveway... in search for sun... and usually finds it a few hours away
*  No one (me) gets upset at anyone else because the kids are up a little later than normal
*  Homemade ice cream, pies, bar-be-que, corn on the cob, mmmmm
*  School consists of finding lizards and classifying them according to tails on or off
*  Flip flops all day, every day
*  The fresh smell in the morning doesn't remind me that I have allergies

I hope you enjoy your summer day- gloom or sunshine- enjoy this day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

And then there were 4

One of the selling factors to this house was that it already had a chicken coop.... not that I've ever raised chickens.  I'm not even that fond of birds.  I secretly think they will peck my eyes out.  Just look at them, they're so shifty....

But chickens aren't really birds.

I waited almost a year.  Give time for my Mr. who is not always excited about change, to try them.  We got 6 day old chicks a few weeks ago.  They were so small.  We got the heating lamp, a small coop, feeder, it all.  The entire family (including the dog) warmed up to them.  The girls and I carried them around in our pockets.  Even Ryan enjoyed their antics.  One night when the heat lamp went out, Ryan let them stay inside by a portable heater.  Of course I got up every few hours to check on them.  They were asleep. 

The point is, they have become kind of like a mall watching activity of ours.  They have personalities, and you can almost hear them:

the big one- I'm awesome, I'm awesome
the pretty one- like, oh my gosh, you totally picked at your poo
the follower- where did he go?  where did he go?  I'm lost.
the scavenger- food, food, wood shaving, poo- eww, food, food...
the jock- watch this guys (pathetic attempt at flying)

Anyway, they are fun fun!

That is until yesterday. 

Petite died.

Then today, Fluffy Fluff Fluffy Fluff (guess who named that one) flew the coop.  I can't decide if she really disliked her name, or she fell in love with a hawk and the two of them wen to live in harmony elsewhere.

So now, we are down to four.

Which will give us 20 eggs a week... plenty..... that is, if they don't become birds and peck my eyes out.  My Mr. probably won't let me keep them then.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday we were talking about God's commandment to give our first 10% to Him.  It made me wonder... what if He asked us to give our first 50% (gulp) OR what if it was just our first 1%... I'd bet we'd STILL have a hard time doing it. 

We act as if God needs our money.  I think He's saying, "Silly Amy, I give you money, and this command for you, FOR you!"  I don't know about you, but I have been known to pray, "Oh Lord, please help us make it to the end of the month."  Imagine the number of conversations we'd miss with our Father if we didn't get to play with our money. 

So give, spend, enjoy your finances today.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you been there?

Have you? 

Have you been in that place where it's all black and yucky feeling. 

Where you feel like you should do something: eat, pray, something, but all you can do it sit.  Sit and cry. 

I heard the worst news today.  Someone I love is in a bad place.  And there is nothing I can do about it.  I can't make things happy, can't make them think the way I do... which is really what I want to do. 

The beauty of God's free will is just that.... people get to make the wrong decisions.  Which makes me ache. 

I am praying that I accept people for all their decisions, changes, love them no matter what.  To feel, not judge.  To love, not tell them what to think, to do, to decide.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter blessings

About a year ago, we took in a cute little puppy. See....

He is now 100 pounds.... what were we thinking?!?

Jake is wonderful at sharing his special things with us. 

Yep, that's a gopher

Now, around here we all know what Easter is really about.  Jesus!  And to prove that, Jake found the Easter Bunny and showed him who's boss.  Yesterday, he walked around for 3 hours with half a rabbit sticking out of his mouth.  At first I was grossed out, and sad to see this bunny's hopping days come to an end.  But then I remembered, "Peter Rabbit"  and the garden I was planting.  That dog saved my future bounty!  So carry the cotton tail around all you want.  Then I got sad again because the dog put the bunny somewhere special before I got a picture of it.  Now I have no visual image to share with you all.  Bet you are relieved.

Happy Easter all!  Enjoy Jesus' blessings!