Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you been there?

Have you? 

Have you been in that place where it's all black and yucky feeling. 

Where you feel like you should do something: eat, pray, something, but all you can do it sit.  Sit and cry. 

I heard the worst news today.  Someone I love is in a bad place.  And there is nothing I can do about it.  I can't make things happy, can't make them think the way I do... which is really what I want to do. 

The beauty of God's free will is just that.... people get to make the wrong decisions.  Which makes me ache. 

I am praying that I accept people for all their decisions, changes, love them no matter what.  To feel, not judge.  To love, not tell them what to think, to do, to decide.

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