Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter blessings

About a year ago, we took in a cute little puppy. See....

He is now 100 pounds.... what were we thinking?!?

Jake is wonderful at sharing his special things with us. 

Yep, that's a gopher

Now, around here we all know what Easter is really about.  Jesus!  And to prove that, Jake found the Easter Bunny and showed him who's boss.  Yesterday, he walked around for 3 hours with half a rabbit sticking out of his mouth.  At first I was grossed out, and sad to see this bunny's hopping days come to an end.  But then I remembered, "Peter Rabbit"  and the garden I was planting.  That dog saved my future bounty!  So carry the cotton tail around all you want.  Then I got sad again because the dog put the bunny somewhere special before I got a picture of it.  Now I have no visual image to share with you all.  Bet you are relieved.

Happy Easter all!  Enjoy Jesus' blessings!

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  1. Love this bit Amy cause it's got a great picture of our dog as a pup and now as such a good looking dog! I would have loved to see the Easter Bunny stuck in his mouth though!