Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The 4 year old is sick today.  Which means I have a day at home that was unplanned.  6 hours!  What do I do!  I put this pressure on myself to do really great things when times like this happen.  I feel like I should paint the entire house or write a letter to everyone I know.  Extra things.
I decided that I would create a visual “to do” list.  Taking pictures of the things I hoped to accomplish would be way more fun than actually doing them.  And maybe inspire me to do them. Pictures of the plants I hoped to get into the garden, grout to be cleaned, the one window ledge to be painted, sports equipment to be organized…. Complete with “after” pictures of course. 
Made my mental list.  Got out the camera.  Ready. Dead battery.  Hmmph. 
While the battery charged, I decided to go to the “normal” chores.  I washed dishes, vacuumed AND moped the house, did 3 loads of laundry, stripped and made all the beds, sorted mail, cleaned the bathroom WITH bleach (nothing like watching your child throw up on the floor to break out the good cleaning stuff), put clothes away, and toys (who will invent a toy that will put itself away?)
Proof:  Can you see the floor shine?

I guess it’s better that the camera didn’t want to work.  My list-making personality is happy because I have a really clean house and it's only 9 am!  So now onto the extra chores, or is it sun basking time?
Happy Spring cleaning!


  1. OMG, Amy, the kitchen looks amazing!!! I've only seen before pictures on facebook and was hoping to see a finished product someday. You're a grownup with a real kitchen in a real house!!!!! So proud of you :) Love, Allison Wood

  2. so glad you use your time to keep our home looking so clean. Big difference between you and me is you keep and actually DO your list.

  3. Thanks Alison- almost finished... no door pulls yet, or backspash. But we have running water and a great space for now, so no complaints!
    Ryan- ha ha... not true though

  4. I'm such a list maker too. I walk around with my iphone camera and take photos of all of the things I want to sell on craigslist though. Haha. The kitchen looks fabulous!

  5. you did ALL that before 9 am?!?! next time your 4 year old gets sick, come on over and i'll take care of her and put you to work. :)