Thursday, April 7, 2011

sportin' the sports

Now I get it!

Growing up I played a variety of sports.  My parents used to tell me, 'Great job Amy!  We are proud of you."  As a child, that was fortunately just normal vocabulary to me.  (I blame my adult confidence on them)  Then as a teenager, I outwardly brushed those comments off.  And inwardly relished them. 

The background info is that I knew I wasn't the star of the team.  I think I made exactly zero baskets while playing basketball, screamed when that pitcher threw the ball for me to hit (as if) and track... well, I hid behind the bleachers when the all-county meet came.  I am the first to sign up for an event, the skill part just lags behind my confidence.  And for those of you who feel sorry for my lack of athletic prowlness, don't worry, I eventually found some of it. 

Now I have a 4 1/2 and 7 year old playing stuff.  And I get it!  I am the one yelling "Great job!"  And it hardly matters if it was a great job or not.  Thankfully, the girls got my willingness to join teams, and my hubby's skill at them. 

Claire started her first softball team a few months ago.  Her first game, she jumped in as catcher- never having put the gear on made for a very funny walk.  But that didn't matter, I still took 6,583 pictures.
Hey batter, batter....

Who's competitive here????

Clarie is all about the gear.  Which is exactly why my husband started playing catcher.   

Can we take a moment and notice the size difference? 

Hi Mom.

Now this is what I remember about softball- dancing!

 And now because I will feel bad if I don't at least mention the second athlete:  Ella is taking a social break from sports this spring... but here's a tribute to her fall soccer days:|
"I will stand right here until I have all of your attention"

Hottest day ever!  EVER!

While it is ubber-important for me to cheer my kids on when I see them out on the field.  I have to reflect on the act of encouraging others off the field. 
Don't you just LOVE how smart God is!  He loves me so much that he allows US to encourage others.  I know 100% some of God's work for me is to build others up.  Some games I am totally in and I am cheering others as I am created to do.  And there are other "games" where I blow it.  I forget who's team I am rooting for.  But thankfully, there's always a game going on where I can get back in it.  And thankfully I have many who cheer me on ... daily sometimes! 

So whether you had this or not in your life, I just want to say, "Great job you!  You are awesome!"


  1. Great stuff Amy! Love the photos and your thoughts of how we are an integral part of God's plan. How lucky we are.

  2. Love your thoughts and your momma's heart! What a great stage of family life...enjoy every minute and thanks for encouraging us and sharing your photo's.