Wednesday, July 27, 2011

blanket blog

My MIL has one.
My own mom has two.
And I couldn’t find one anywhere.

We have these two rocking chairs on our back porch. My husband and I love to sit out in the morning and read the Word, or in the evening with a cocktail most likely discussing the kids. The problem is: I’m a wuss. I can hang for a few minutes, but then I get cold. I must go
inside and conversation is all done. So I have been wanting a blanket to keep me warm.

As earlier mentioned, my MIL has this yummy down blanket, and my
mom has the softest blankies ever made. EVER.

So June rolls around and I start shopping... not the best time to shop for a blanket. Went to the exact stores they bought theirs at… plus 658 more. And nothing. Sure, itchy,
static-producing ones. But nothing that will want to make me stay outside longer.

That is until I went online. Why must everything be for sale online?
Anytime of the year, you can buy a lovely down blanket.  You can even get one in a lap size so it doesn't drag in the chicken poop left on the porch.  In fact, you can buy two if you’re me. You’ll get no lecture from me about how in the good ole’ days you had to walk to a store and
actually talk to someone… nope, get me the burrowing bounty of bliss… in the middle of summer please.

So we are out there every morning and a number of evenings enjoying the land God gave us. Me snuggley, Hubby just as content.

Enjoy your porch snuggley wherever you are.

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