Thursday, July 7, 2011

park progress

When the kids were babies, we lived around the corner from a park.  Being a stay at home mom with 2 littles, we went for daily walks and always ended up at the park. 

Today we revisited that park.  Same old slides, same swings, same bark chips. 

Except not. 

Today the girls didn't need to me to push them on the baby swings for 20 minutes.  They can pump!  No one needed me to catch them coming down the slide.  I didn't even hear a, "Mommy, watch this." 

Whoa, this is happening fast.  Funny how when you are in it, you forget to be "in it." 

I loved the hours spent with my girls at the park.  I am loving the hours spent doing new adventures with my girls.  It seems we are on this road to independence and I just want to gobble them up. 


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  1. Love this Amy! Thanks for the reminder of enjoying each moment we have with them.
    Photo curtousey of the husband :)