Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have thought for years about blogging... I even created a fake blog on my laptop, or as my mom calls it, my wireless computer.  And after accidentally clicking on a friends post this morning, I created THIS.  THIS.  Who knows if it'll be read, probably by my mom if she can figure out her wireless computer.  I'll stop being self-depricating, which is not natural to me, and DO THIS!

It seems to me that blogs usually have a hook- someone writes about their recipes, their crafts, their kids.... still working on that one.  I suppose that one should create their "mission statement" then "do this"  But that's not my style.  I am a jummer innner..... and yes, that could totally be a word.  I love love love starting things.  And that's about it.  Which is why I wisely married a finisher.  He's nervous to start, so I come in, and DO THIS.

Journey with me as I discover the blessings in life that are worth blogging about.

So this blog is started.... Ryan will be home soon to finish it.

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  1. Love it Amy! I've thought about the hook thing too - but I think you only really need one if you're looking to make it "big" in blogging. I only blog purely for my own entertainment, so who cares if I have a hook? :-) Have fun! I am!