Thursday, March 24, 2011

pantry panic

We need to talk about my pantry.  R& I have already remodeled a kitchen.... and we are 2/3s through our second house remodel.  In house #1, I had the perfectly designed kitchen.  I had a huge pantry that I loved.  It had sliding drawers, nice deep shelves for Costco overbuys, an entire cereal section.  It was great. 
So imagine my fear when I realized our current house has no place for a pantry.  Yes, well, that didn't stop us.  We smooshed two cabinets in between a door and a window.  We will eventually add knobs so it will look like one piece of furniture.  Problem is, our last pantry was HUGE, this one is only 12 inches deep.  How in the world will I fit everything in?!?!  Granted we are not completely moved in yet (like I said, no knobs) but I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!
Because it's not deep, I haven't lost a thing.  I know where the kidney beans are.  They can't migrate behind their long-lost cousins- you know: garbanzos.  And it has lots of shelves, which means everything has a place.  None of this crackers-next-to-the-pasta nonsense. 

And closed... white joy!!!
 Did you notice the jars?  Poor Ryan has to reach up every morning to get the coffee beans?  But I love them.  They are a visual delight to me.

Hope you all have some storage somewhere you love just as much.

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  1. Wow. Who's your finish carpenter? He's awesome.